Luxury Hotels

Luxury HotelsHotel ratings such as stars or rosettes are awarded by each country according to their own rules. The UK has its own independent bodies that inspect and rate hotels according to a set of common standards. The two organisations responsible for grading all these hotels are the AA (Automobile Association) and the regional tourism authorities.

Visit England, Visit Wales, the Scottish Tourist Board and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board are the four tourism regulators which cover the UK. The AA and national tourist boards work together to the same specifications and requirements when they grade hotels in order that guests know exactly what to expect from any particular hotel and that standards do not vary from area to area.

Luxury hotels may not always be officially classified with a star rating, but this does not mean the hotel is not luxurious with what it offers to guests.

What Are Luxury Hotels?

When thinking of a luxury hotel, most people would immediately think that a hotel has to be 5 star rated. This is not necessarily the case. Of course, by definition 5 star hotels will be the epitome of luxury and opulence and they will offer so much extra.

Because 5 stars are so coveted, the award is incredibly difficult for hotels to gain; just one minor omission can make all the difference as to whether the hotel gains that accolade or not. Therefore many hotels in the 4 star category are increasingly marketing themselves as luxury hotels in order to appeal to and take a share of the lucrative ‘elite’ market.

These hotels generally offer a great deal to their guests such as private bathroom facilities with superior quality toiletries provided, telephone and internet connection, digital TV, rooms decorated to a superior standard and furnishings will be high quality. Additionally, the staff at the hotel will wear a uniform, offer 24 hour room service and will respond to guests’ personal needs. There will be a restaurant that is open to residents and non-residents, serving high quality cuisine.

Luxury Hotels In London

Examples of luxury hotels in London include those run by major chains such as Hilton and Marriott. Luxury hotels are very diverse in style. In London many of them occupy historical buildings and are well-known landmarks. Some of the most well known examples are shown below – you are able to book online by simply using the search box on the right hand side of this page.

1. The Bloomsbury (near Tottenham Court Road)
Another example of a hotel that most people would believe to be more than 4 Star rated. It has a magnificent Georgian exterior and is a true London landmark. Internally it has been styled in a sumptuous fashion and it retains some of its period features such as its original wood panelling.

2. The Cumberland (Marble Arch)
Incredibly, this is one of London’s best known hotels yet it that final star has eluded it! Home to the Michelin-starred Rhodes W1 restaurant and the hotel’s lobby doubles as a contemporary art gallery. Full of history, this hotel boasts that it was the first in London to have ‘direct-dial’ telephones which was revolutionary back in the 1920’s.

3. The Lancaster (near Lancaster Gate)
Surprisingly, this very famous hotel is rated 4 Stars, yet is known for its luxurious accommodation, impeccable service and fantastic panoramic views across London. The Lancaster has two award winning restaurants.