Budget Hotels

Budget HotelsBudget hotels are typically large chain hotels offering rooms to guests at very affordable prices. They can also be individually run, but think of a budget hotel and more likely you will think of one of the large chains such as Travelodge, Comfort Inn or Premier Inn.

These hotels are extremely popular as they offer cheap rooms at published rates. The rooms are generally designed to provide guests with every basic facility that they could need for a good, comfortable night’s sleep.

Rooms will typically have an en-suite shower room (normally a power shower over a bath), tea and coffee making facilities, basic furniture such as a desk and a good quality bed. They will be simply styled with clean, neutral decor. There will generally be the option to purchase extra facilities, as required by guests, e.g. toiletries, newspapers.

What Are Budget Hotels?

The reason why budget hotels are so affordable is because they give you what you need rather than things you don’t need. Quite often, in traditional hotels, you are presented with all sorts of ‘bells and whistles’ that you know are never normally needed, but because you are there you force yourself to make use of them. In the back of your mind, you will always be thinking that ‘things could be so much cheaper if it weren’t for those choco-mints on my pillow…’. Budgets chains recognise this; they strip away all the pomp and concentrate on the basic essentials (the opposite of what luxury hotels pride themselves on).

The reason why there is a plethora of providers – and a new one seems to pop up regularly – is that there is huge demand for this type of accommodation. At present, the budget hotel sector accounts for 12% of the overall hotel market in the UK and it is also currently the fastest growing market.

This trend is set to continue to rise to over 28% by 2030. If you consider the UK demographics, then hotels traditionally have only really catered to the needs of the higher earners in society, hence the tendency towards opulence. That has always excluded the vast majority of society – the lower and middle earners. This is the market that the budget hotels are keen to attract, and still has so much potential. Hotel providers are aware of this and they are keen to grab as much of the market as they can.

Budget Hotels In London

London offers an endless supply of budget hotels. There are so many providers now other than just Travelodge and Premier Inn, although these are probably the most well known and are firmly established as the top budget hotel providers.

In recent times hotels such as the Hilton have made their presence felt in the sector as well as Best Western, Ramada, and Holiday Inn, although these could possibly be regarded as being budget to mid-priced rather than solely budget based. However, there are many others in addition to this, for example European budget hotel chains including Ibis and Novotel which are now beginning to establish themselves in the UK.

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