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Why Visit London?

There are many reasons you may wish to visit London and experience what it has to offer. This includes everything from seeing famous sights such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye to watching West End theatre shows or enjoying a delicious meal at a traditional restaurant. An article about London on Wikipedia article also has a large amount of useful information.

Top 5 Things to Do Whilst Staying in London

London is one of the finest, most visited cities in the world and holds host to many attractions. Here are the top 5 things to do whilst staying in London:

1. The Tower of London
Not only London’s top tourist attraction but possibly one of the world’s. The Tower of London was home to beheading, torture chambers and stories of treason, treachery and dark, ugly secrets. It’s a truly fascinating place to visit and seeing the Beefeaters protecting and guarding the Crown Jewels, there is still a menacing feeling about the structure. As it’s now a tourist attraction rather than a place of misery, there is an attraction to it to hear of the unthinkable events that make its history. Combine the trip to the Tower of London and scale the beautiful Tower Bridge that links the south east to the capital.

2. St Paul’s Cathedral
At the heart of London is Sir Christopher Wren’s finest structure; St Paul’s Cathedral. Memorials and tombs, artworks and a deep history bless the stunning building that managed to somewhere remain unscathed after World War II bombings. The geometrical staircase has 141 famous steps and provides you with a stunning view of the West End from the top, and during the tour around the cathedral, you get to see the Trophy Room which is just as fascinating as the rest of the building.

3. Buckingham Palace
The Queen’s official London residence of Buckingham Palace is home to 775 rooms, and is partially accessible to the public to see the Queen’s Gallery which has a beautiful array of artwork, sculptures and paintings. It has 19 State rooms which are open to the public and are worth the visit to see a glimpse of what it is like in a royal palace.

4. Shopping
In Shepherd’s Bush, there is the swanky Westfield London Shopping Centre, which has top names, designer shops such as Jimmy Choo, and regular high street named shops too. However, there are many other places to flex your credit card in London, from market stalls to the 300-plus shops of Oxford Street, where you can find top retailers, designer boutiques and luxury jewellers and fashion outlets. Bond Street and Mayfair are the choice destinations for shoppers that want to really splash out on high-class, and very expensive, items.

5. The British Museum
The remarkable British Museum building has stood the test of time since 1753, and regularly has new exhibitions, displays and tours available. Around two million visitors head to London’s main museum each year to see the Parthenon sculptures, the Rossetta Stone and Egyptian mummies, as well as the Great Court.

Whatever you decide to do whilst in the capital, you are sure to want to visit again.